a fast, lightweight fully featured webserver written in REBOL that features support of embedded server-side REBOL scripts in a <?php .. ?> like manner.

get a copy of r80v5 to play around with. currently the server is in a pre-release quality and subject to improvement. (maybe someday.)

why r80v5?

r80v5 is lean and fast. the webserver is only 7KB in size or about 282KB complete with the REBOL interpreter. Server-side scripts execute faster than they would in a CGI environment as there is no interpreter startup delay for embedded scripts.

r80v5 is simple but extensible. There is no installation and configuration is easy. Just specify the location of your documents to be served. Also every document that is served by r80v5 is processed by one server-module. By default this is the pass-thru module that just outputs contents of a file, but this behaviour can be changed by editing the config file. This mechanism allows you to write one REBOL script for all *.c files (i.e. for highlighting C syntax) and different module for all *.c files in the directory source/.

with r80v5 dynamic web-pages are easy. REBOL code can be embedded HTML in the form known from <?php ?>

  <p>Today is <?rebol print now ?>.</p>

the last - and most important - reason to develop another webserver, is that a lean webserver completely written in REBOL optimally fits the lean wiki/weblogging system currently being developed by the author.

the software is published under the Academic Free License 1.2, see afl-1.2.html for details.

r80v5 and all related material is copyright (c) 2001 Viktor Pavlu.

r80v5 is OSI Certified Open Source Software