vid examples

1.) Create a window with some text in it by deriving faces from 'face. -- (%face.rebol)

2.) A basic VID example that displays an email form to show use of styles -- (%first-vid.rebol)

3.) Uses choose to create an context-menu. (appears when you click the right mouse button) -- (%popup.rebol)

4.) Creates very basic faces showing only "Hello World" one with pure /View and one through VID and molds their underlying objects for comparison. -- (%direct-vs-vid.rebol)

5.) Visualize the relations between the styles in /View. The styles can be found in system/view/vid. The field 'style stands for the parent style from which a style is derived. -- (%style-hierarchy.rebol)

6.) Write a small program with which the user can draw lines. -- (%doodlepad.rebol)

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